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Flash saves the reef
HATCH saves the reef

HATCH saves the reef, is a heart-warming family adventure with love for the ocean and its creatures at its heart.

The book is a call to action to readers that we all have a part to play in protecting the environment and the world's oceans.

Hatch encourages that we can all make a difference and inspires us to be strong, follow our instincts, dare to dream, and be resilient when faced with adversity.

“Hatch is a delightful story full of adventure and fantasy but with a strong underlying message: the ocean and its inhabitants are in trouble. Young readers will be highly motivated and empowered to do what they can to help.”


Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & U. N. Messenger of Peace

"Conserving sea turtles and the beauty of their world is a big challenge — a fitting mission for a hopeful, informed, and inspired army of kids on the verge of their own empowerment. Lead the way, Hatch!"


Turtle Research Scientist, Inwater Research Group, Florida.

Former, Biologist, Walt Disney World

“The children of today are the decision makers of the future, Hatch will make a significant contribution to the inter-generational change needed to ensure a healthy Great Barrier Reef for future generations.”


Chief Executive Officer, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

“Hatch is a superstar and so are her friends — hopefully her story will inspire many more to join her mission!”


Founder Earth Hour, CEO Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef

"Shark fin soup sales bound to plummet after reading Hatch."


 Hammerhead Shark, Ocean Home Resident

"Can we trust the humans? Aren’t they the reason we are in so much trouble?”
HS aka Hammerhead Shark

Artificial light, coral bleaching and plastic pollution.
Does the SeaTide Princess exist?
Can Hatch and her friends save the reef?


Hurley's song
HEAR THEMChelsea Stutchbury
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Also available at

  • Dymocks Bundaberg

  • Dymocks Chermside​

  • The State Library of Queensland Shop

  • The Milbi Cafe Mon Repos Turtle Centre

  • Hinkler Hall of Aviation

  • Lady Elliot Island

  • Bundaberg Tourism Centre

  • Childers Tourism Centre

  • Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery

  • Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association

  • The Book Boutique Bundaberg

Proceeds support student reef & environmental projects


Dark Skies, Coral Bleaching and Plastic Pollution from the experts...

Dark Skies - Cut the Glow

Dr Kellie Pendoley and Ranger Cathy Gatley explain why it's so important to reduce light pollution to protect the turtle populations.

Dr David Wachenfeld explains how the process of coral bleaching is happening more rapidly and impacting our reefs.

plastics pollution 2.jpg

Dr Jennifer Lavers and Anthony Hill explain plastic pollution and the impacts on marine life.

The making of HATCH

The making of HATCH...