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             is based on the adventures with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Reef Guardians and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Junior Turtle Rangers. I hope you enjoy reading HATCH, and continue caring for animals and our planet.


When city lights, plastic pollution and coral bleaching threaten certain doom to all, a sea turtle hatchling sets out to save her friends but needs to find the SeaTide Princess in order to save the ocean.



Hatch, a sea turtle hatchling, is ready to explore her ocean home. Confused by the real world problem of artificial city light glow, she is enticed by bright city lights and found almost lifeless on a beachside soccer field by young boys, Finn and Charlie. Scientist Dr Limpet equips Hatch with satellite tracking and she is released to her ocean home. Expecting a beautiful ocean she encounters devastation of more real world problems, plastic pollution and coral bleaching.


Hatch meets turtles Doomy “we’re all doomed”, and hyperactive “lets do it” Flash.


Coral, a Goniopora Columna coral, normally thrives with colour but is fading. She and all the other sea creatures are worried about their fate. 


Doomy and Flash join Hatch’s adventure from the Mon Repos Turtle Rookery Australia to the South American feeding grounds, via Coral’s Garden at Lady Elliot Island and The Brando, Tetiaroa Island, in the attempt to save their friends.


Meanwhile on land, Finn’s father, Civil Faldt, of Faldt’s Engineering, has environmentally unfriendly plans.


Hurley, a surfer girl and Junior Turtle Ranger, is dumbfounded as she can hear Hatch speak. 


Hatch fails in her mission to find help until a magic florescent algae SeaTide pulls the turtles back toward Mon Repos where they meet Grandpa Wobbly, an old wise wobbly wobbygong shark, who knows about the SeaTide Princess. 


Hatch just needs to find her.


Can Hatch, Hurley and Finn help save their troubled environment?


A heart-warming family adventure with a love for the ocean and its creatures at its heart. The film will be a call to action to audiences that we all have a part to play in protecting the environment and the world’s oceans. 



Mon Repos  Queensland  Australia

© Judith Stutchbury April 2017

0418 191 438

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